The motivation behind my work is challenging fantasies and the ways they are disseminated. I do this with a very soft touch, and through presenting criticisms that I am not outside of or immune to. The spaces in my newest work are not limited by time, and reflect the cyclical nature of crisis, turmoil, myth and falsehoods. I am often drawn to spaces and objects that show their history, such as concrete foundations or previously used industrial equipment. Whether I am working with woodcut/ screenprint combinations, or digital/monoprint/ screenprint combinations, a lot of the initial influence is my experience with the object or space. All of these spaces still have an element of truth remaining, but I have embellished, edited or manipulated the “real” space. These prints may not seem overtly political, but my conscious choices are guided by my research with apocalypse theory, escapism, and “truthiness” applied to current events. Truthiness is a derivation of the word “Truthy”, which means faithful. It is meant to describe a feeling of a fact, one that is felt instinctively to be true, and with no direct connection to actual facts. When it comes to spaces or objects, we can choose to observe the whole truth, or a version of truthiness. My images suggest a pre-or-post event quandary. The spaces depicted are rich in residue of a human impact on space. The scope of the impact is narrowly defined and the open-ended narrative quality employed is designed to encourage the viewer to insert themselves, and to question their relationship with the implications of the image.


For a full list of Education and professional experience, click on the Vitae below.

Curriculum Vitae

2003-2006            California State University, Chico  MFA with distinction.

2004                        Johannes Gutenberg Universitat, Mainz, Germany

1998-2003             Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, BFA (Magna Cum Laude)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work on this site, please send me an email ejoverturf@gmail.com

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