Through the narratives I create I question the act of storytelling and its effective outcomes on individual as well as cultural perspectives. Folktales, legends, religions, myths, fable, rumors: all have been used to explain the unexplainable, as well as create social structures through tales of morality. The authorship and authority that the storyteller retains allows for embellishment and plausibility, and the direction in which this authority is used is dependent on the author’s agenda.


Fiction is a large influence on my work and I see a parallel between escapism in art and literature, with ‘end of days’ or ‘armageddon- like’ prophecies in many cultures and religious groups. Within the recent century American culture has become fixated on the ‘end’.  From the Red Scare to the recent onslaught of zombie- apocalypse type films, we are so darkly fascinated with the ‘end’ and how its going to come. For some it isnt a question of ‘will it come?’, it is ‘when or how?’ will it inevitably happen. Global warming, World War III, a complete depletion of fossil fuels, armageddon, another ‘great flood’, are all prophecies are all prophecies or very real potential futures, depending on what company you keep.In parallel, escapism in art is a way to remove oneself from everyday life, and inhabit an imagined situation. Critics would say that escapist art or literature is hollow, but many critiques of the ‘systems’ we live in are present in escapist works, buried in vividly rich depictions of fantasy.  Within escapist art we can move past the horrifying events of WWWIII and live in the potentially utopian society after the ‘reset’ button was pushed. I see a parallel between our fascination with ‘resetting’ the world, albeit through horrifying means, and escaping through art and literature. My work has begun to narrate different moments within these potential ends, and provide snapshots of a world that may be in ruin but not entirely void of hope.


For a full list of Education and professional experience, click on the Vitae below.

Curriculum Vitae

2003-2006            California State University, Chico  MFA with distinction.

2004                        Johannes Gutenberg Universitat, Mainz, Germany

1998-2003             Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, BFA (Magna Cum Laude)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work on this site, visit the Etsy site at https://www.etsy.com/shop/EdieOverturf

If you are interested in purchasing any of the work not currently on the Etsy, or to request a commission, email Edie at ejoverturf@gmail.com

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