Easier Said than Done. Reduction woodcut and Screenprint. 12″X 12″. 2016.

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Updates and Awards!

Upcoming events and Awards:

2014 is starting out well!

I am thrilled to announce I have been awarded an Artists Initiative Grant for 2014 from the Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB).  I would like to thank the MSAB board, the panel for selecting my grant proposal.  I will be making large scale reduction woodcuts and screen prints for this grant period.  Updates to come!

I am also thrilled that I will be accompanying the University of Minnesota’s Bohemian Press student group to the Frans Masereel Centrum for Printmaking in Kasterlee Belgium.  We will be working on a collaborative project at the FMC in March.  Updates to come!


Reductive Woodcut with Screen printed layers, 22″X 27″

Kickstarter info

Good day friends!
I have been working on a collaborative creative project with my friend and cohort, Derek VanGieson. We have spent months creating the concept for our show “In Search Of…”, we have the space and the date (summer 2014). Now we have to do some creative fundraising for the biggest project he or I have ever done! We are proud to have finished creating our kickstarter campaign!

Visit this link to view the video and learn about the project!

Any amount you could donate would be so greatly appreciated, and you would receive incentive rewards!
Thank you for your time! Give if you can, and pass this on if you can!insearchof


Hi art lovers!  I am doing a collaborative project with my friend Derek VanGieson.  We are slated to exhibit our project at Public Functionary summer 2014.  We just launched our Kickstarter campaign.  Click the link to check out our project!


Art a whirl

Hey all! Come to LegUp Studio in the Casket Arts Building in Minneapolis this weekend! It’s the largest open studio event in the country!


firefire detailflood2


My newest prints.  They are reduction woodcuts, 5 or 6 layers each.

Welcome to my new site!

Thanks for checking out my new site.  Within the news I will post works in progress, upcoming shows, and new opportunities that I will share with the printmaking/artists community!